The Company was found in 2003 by Dipl. Ing. Martin Schneider who has a Master´s Degree in engineering.


Our foundry is specialized in a small series productions, be it exact copies of a an original or in the casting of new developements. The main raw material used is a special type of brass (CuZn34Al2) with high strength and long durability.


Master Models can be produced according to your information and drawings.


Experience and know-how are the basis of our success and the guaranty that our clients receive the best of adive in planing and development as well as in production of the desired castings.


It is important to us to produce accurate reproduction, each product is unique.


With creativity, innovation and competence in finding individual solutions, having an eye for the details without losing sight of the overall task, we can identify ourselves with your products. It is a primary aim to manufacture reproductions that are accurate in every detail.